You can't predict the future, but you can train for it. 


The GT Training Workshop provides highly engaging, interactive training on a wide variety of legal compliance topics, ranging from harassment training to employment law to corporate ethics.

In todayís corporate environment, itís not a matter of whether to train, but whom to choose for your training programs. Training in areas such as harassment avoidance and corporate ethics is not only required by law in certain jurisdictions, but is a critical component of an organization's risk management program.

Reaching out to front-line managers and supervisors, in particular, can often be the single most effective method of reducing litigation and ensuring compliance with the myriad of statutes and regulations bearing on the workplace.

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GT Training Workshops on Legal Compliance Issues
The GT Training Workshop is a law-related service offered by Greenberg Traurig, LLP. This service is provided separate and distinct from the firmís legal services. The services offered by The GT Training Workshop do not create an attorney-client relationship between training clients and the law firm, or any of its members or agents, and attorneys providing training do not give legal advice on specific matters. In addition, services from The GT Training Workshop do not provide training clients with the protections available when the attorney-client relationship does exist.
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